Published Plays

Drama Club

6 m, 6 f, 1 flexible

As auditions for the school play begin, members of the drama club hear a voice from the back of the auditorium claiming to be the director, Mr. John Shakespeare - a character they made up to get permission to put on the play! The plot is complicated by the unrequited love of several of the students, a club member who lapses into characters from plays mentioned and the possibility the Mr. Shakespeare might be the ghost of Alice's father! Since some of the exits, entrances and character positions are in the rear of the auditorium, the audience is drawn quickly into solving the mystery of just who is John Shakespeare. With themes of love, competition, aspirations and dreams, this fast-paced, bare-stage play is ideal for high school students.

7f, 8m, 5+ flexible


Drama Club has now been produced in over twenty states!