Published Novels

Another Boring Summer…..Again

A Young Adult novel, this is the story of Georgie, an overweight seventh grader who is anticipating yet another lonely summer. Taunted by his peers and harassed by his mother, Georgie goes to the last day of school with a mixture of dread and relief only to meet up with a strange, orphaned boy (Hector)who will lead him on the adventure of his life that he won’t quite remember.

Hector, having been raised in the jungle by missionary parents who were killed, has unwittingly become hunted by criminals who have murdered his parents.

 Georgie, MaiLing, and Hector must outwit parents, criminals and the police in an attempt to set things right. With the help of a dimension traveling teenager, they are forced to make a choice between personal happiness, jealousy, and friendship to save a culture and, possibly, a life.