Teaching Reading

Someone you know having trouble learning to read? Would you like to increase reading scores on standardized tests?

One of the most important skills is reading. If students don't read well enough, they will do less well in every school subject simply because many teachers assign homework to be read without going over it again in class. Have you ever been in a class where reading is not a major part of the instruction? Even math tests have WORD problems. Aren't they really just a test of how well you "read" math?

You Can Teach Your Child to Read! can make anyone not only a better reader, but also a reading teacher!

Everyone can learn to read well. While it takes some practice, the most important aspect of learning to read well or being a good reading teacher is truly understanding what reading is. You Can Teach Your Child to Read! will take you step by step through the process of reading. You will have the equivalent knowledge of someone who took a master's degree in teaching reading!

Learning to read and becoming a great reader are within the grasp of every student. I don't care if the student is 5 or 95. I don't care if certified "experts" have declared this student "dyslexic."

If you have been working with a reluctant reader for a while, you know it can be frustrating and very expensive. Good reading tutors start at around $50 an hour.

For an investment of $3 you can learn to do this yourself. I promise you, you will be good at it!

The link below will take you to a FREE sample chapter. Read it and if you think it has helped, order the book which can be downloaded to your computer for a total cost of $3. (You will receive an email within 24 hours of processing your payment that provides the link to the download.) Remember the book includes much more than just the basics of reading. It will also tell you how to do well on standardized tests, what punctuation and pronunciation have to do with reading well, what the difference is between phonics and whole word techniques, and many, many other important ideas you need to succeed in conquering reading problems!

I understand that it seems hard to believe that teaching reading or becoming a great reader is in the grasp of all of us. So, here is a FREE OFFER for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION about your specific problem. I have taught students from seven year olds who didn't know the alphabet yet to sixty year olds who have trouble getting the main idea from news articles.

If you click the EMAIL ME that follows this paragraph, you can email me and leave a name, phone number, and good time to call. I will personally call you back and discuss your particular situation. NO CHARGE.

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